Other notes:
Port B left open for ICD or other options.
list p=16F8xxx
#include "P16Fxxx.INC"
to PIC16F877A or whatever you're using

Ian Harris's great page on steppers at:
If you want to know how they work.

I do most of my development  with
Labcenters "ProteusLite"  simulator.
Proteus Lite is only good up 1k of code,
but that's quite bit. It beats breadboarding.
If you really want to work with PICs you NEED an ICD2.
phanderson.com has the best deal.
Also an excellent ebay seller.
You can get them directly from OLIMEX.com as well.

The other files Tony Nixon wrote,
came with PIC -n- POKE and mIcros (I bought).
These are really GREAT. These are NOT part of the auction,
that is, I'm NOT selling them,
they're here because they're good.
They are also available for public download at http://kitsrus.com/
There's some cool stuff there too.
"January 22, 2005.
Tony Nixon has now quit electronics to become a flying instructor.
He does not even have a PC".
Check out the "Tony Nixons projects" I use a lot of his stuff for the basis of my code.

I had to learn this stuff for an F-16 cockpit simulator I'm building from scratch.
www.bluumax.com There's also good info on making your own PCB's.
I have an extensive post on a cockpit builder forum HERE
for toner transfer PCB,  the cheap way.

If anyone has any questions, I check email often.

Thanks again,
Shawn Kelly.
Kirkland, WA.
Internal SIP Resistor layout
Last updated: 15/12/2008
Project devleopment in Proteus / Isis
This site best viewed at 1280 x 1024
This is the Protues
KeyLock program
ebay Sellers
I buy from
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Charles Galea made
a board layout in Ares
for the Keypad / Access
Looks clean, Check it out
(The PCB layout for Proteus)
for  2x16 or 20
Parts & stuff
exdwh_com or the store:
Experimenter's Discount Warehouse
I buy stuff from him for the kits.
Good prices without the obnoxiously high S&H
Check 'em out next time you need something...
He's got some really cool stuff right now  (Late Dec 05)

I bought one of those $29 ICD2s on ebay. Really great!! Even has a metal box housing, cables & schematics. It only uses RS232, no USB, so it's a tiny bit slower, but a whole lot cheaper. My $100 Olimex ICD2 did't even come w/ a box.
Check at  www.sure-electronics.net

Need a good NEW cheap LCD??   $1.99ea.
I bought a bunch from dche168yahoo
411 Technology Systems Systems Store on ebay.
They are very nice to deal with.
They ship very quickly,  UPS, 4 days!!... Beth/Cathy, Take notes....
$7.00 total for one w/ S&H, so buy 3-4, S&H (Priority) is the same.
They're the best type for breadboarding with. Find some long pins & plug it straight into the breadboard. Good prices & good S&H.

Buying LCD's on ebay can be risky, a lot of these guys don't have a clue what they have. HD44780 don't mean nothin' If it's some oddball thing with a weird pinout or neg V contrast. See dche168yahoo

DAQ STUFF STORE Has good prices. Not high guality, but good boards.
Also Jameco.com has very good quality, but it ain't cheap.
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How to change LCD code
to use lower 4 bits of a port
I use an old AT power supply & recommend one for your bench supply.
I saw this & thought I'd post a link. Very easy conversion.
Convert a Computer ATX Power Supply to a Lab Power Supply
PSU's (Power Supply Unit)
AT PSU's are a little easier, but you may not have one handy.
PC PSU's are well regulated, provide +5V, +12V, -5V, -12V.
These have plenty of current for most projects, I can run my router with one
I highly recommend an inline fuse/breaker.
I use a 1/2Amp breaker on the +5V line, and it's all most too much.
I've melted a few wires by hooking something up wrong!!

Make your own ICD
see also
CadSofts - EAGLE-
download area for ICD2 plans
- Bi-polar Motor mod -
Want to Remove the connector?
http - doc.ic.ac.uk/~ih/doc/stepper/kp4m4/
http - Circuit_Library/unipolar_stepper_motor.htm
http - cs.uiowa.edu/~jones/step/example.html

Mfg - Japan Servo
Holding Torque - .9 in lb
Volt - 12Vdc
Amp - 140h
Wire - 5
Deg - 1.8
Phase - 2

RED BRN - Coil
GRN WHT - Coil

BRN  2
GRN  3
RED  4
BLK com
My Christmas tree
I need to check all the links on these pages - Dec 2008